But not by people who got nothing to lose.

Title: But not by people who got nothing to lose.

Medium: watercolor on paper

Year: 2020

Dimension: 16×12

An Abstract Plotter Painting. This artwork is implemented with a plotter. After designing the artwork digitally (mostly through programming), I used an Axidraw to execute the design. This work is part of my generative art collection. I created this work with code (mostly python or javascript). Because of the use of specialty paints such as metallic watercolor and Sumi ink, this work would appear different when viewing from various angles or under a different light. For example, certain parts of the painting might shine or sparkle under a different light. The image I present here is an unaltered scan of the artwork. This work is created during my 2nd successful #100daychallenge. You can learn more about this challenge on my Instagram