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Watercolor ? Watercolor!

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I have been obsessed with watercolor and the making of watercolor for quite a while. In 2018, I finally found the community who are actively making artisan watercolor (IG:#HANDMADEWATERCOLOR) and started to make my batch.

I have tons of stories that I could tell about this topic, but today’s focus is on how to “use” the watercolor swatches that I have created with these beautiful watercolor candies.

In collaboration with DOIIIT studio, I am hosting a group of workshops titled The Data of Watercolor: Creating & Analyzing Watercolor Art to Support Generative Art Creation. In this series of workshops, we invite a group of students and faculty who are passionate about redesigning processes of traditional art with digital tools and platforms. Creative outcomes of these workshops will be exhibited in the DOIIIT exhibition area, located on the 4th floor of the North Quad.

In the preparing process to the opening workshop, I developed a quick demo to show participants a possibility of digitizing watercolor paintings and using them as inspiration. The main idea is to convert watercolor paintings into colored dots using the halftoning algorithm, treat them as data points, and then visualize them.

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Link to slide for workshop 1