Origami Tessellation Pattern Generator


I have been in love with origami tessellation structures for a while. However, folding them is always time-consuming. Since my school recently purchased a laser cutter, it makes sense for me to use this wonderful tool to create some basic grids.

There are several existing tools out there for generating such patterns. However, after trying a couple of them, I found none that can be directly used for our laser cutter: either the export format is limited, or (many) additional processing steps are needed.

Of course, downloading existing templates from the web and modifing them is a possible solution, but I still want to have customizable patterns. So, I spent an afternoon with Snap.js and built a quick and simple tool for generating laser-cutter friendly tessellation patterns.

Tessellation Generator is a quick and simple tool to generate triangle and rectangle grid.

It’s still in its early stage, but you can generate the following grid in svg format pretty easily:

How to use?

How to use:

When you go into the Tessellation Generator, you will see several basic settings. The width and height incidate the size of the paper, offset indicates the padding between the edge and the actual rectangle. You can customize the density of the grid by changing the number of rectangles/triangles.

A screenshot example:

Enjoying folding! Try Tessellation Generator!

Also, if you have questions or want to collaborate with me on this project, contact me please.