SVG Coloring Machine

A coloring machine experiment for your svg art

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I love abstract shapes and enjoying doodling . I started to experiment alternative shading methods that are beyond hatch lines. Scribbling is an interesting approach to shade images and the scribbling dream project is trying to address some of the possibilities of this approach. Drawing the shapes are interesting, but sometimes coloring them can become time consuming.

For example, I want to color this drawing

to something like this:

I want have some randomness in the coloring, but not necessarily care about the exact color to use. Manually doing this doesn't sound exciting to a busy PhD student. So, I wrote a little program to help me coloring similar chart.

The good thing is, now I can generate lots of variations very fast.

A coloring machine for your svg art

Before jumping into the , here is a very short intro about how to use

How to use:
  • Select an img from the list and click on load
  • There are several types of coloring that I currently support:
  • Random Coloring: produce a completely random color scheme
  • Themed color and random start color both limit the variance between color(i.e.,the color selected are relatively close to each other). Themed color would pick a start based on existing color in the template, whereas random start color just pick a random start.
  • You can change the transparency of the fillings. And clicking on restore will put all paths to be non-transparent.
  • You can also limit the number of color in your palette. The default value is a random int between 5 to 100.
  • You can click and download the colored image!
  • Thanks and enjoying coloring with the ! Also, this is only a beta version that only support predefined templates. It's still under development, check back soon for new features. Contact me please if you have question or you want to collaborate on this.