Face The Reality

A group of mezzotint prints made in Venice, Italy

('italy', 'venice')


copper plate



physica creation

printing press


During my Watson Trip, I did a 2-week residency in Scuola Internazionale di Grafica, Venezia , where I produced these mezzotint prints.

It's a group of five prints,and three of them form a mini collection

Prints I love ---2019

Personally, I think this is my most "serious" connection with printmaking so far. In that amazing studio, I found my voice as a printmaking. When I left that studio behind (and graduate), I constantly try to find my way back.

And scuola di graphica gave that sense of home to me. Even it's just a short residency, it makes me miss it even now (4+ years after the residency).

The sad story is, I have to face my own reality, and accept that I (against my will?) chosen a path that leads me away from the print shop.

Licia in the end of 2018

Face what reality?