Deep Dream Experiment 2016

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Deep Dream Experiment 2016

Deep dream procduced images, 2016

Deep Dream For 4 Minutes from eyesofpanda studio on Vimeo.

Recently played with the deep dream algorithms that utilize neural network to generate inceptionism images.

This is a collection of thumbnails created with the deep dream program. For each image, I generated the guided/non-guided image, normally with iteration of 55, which left me several gigabyte of image files. I selected few of them to show here.

Here is the demo video that shows output generated with various settings. You can also tell that as the number of iteration increases, the network adds more details into the image.

Also, as part of the project, I write up a report about what I did, what I learned and what I think about deep dream. The appendix of the report contains some resource links that I have used for this project. You can view and download the report here : deepDreamReportV1 .