About Me


Hi~ Thanks for stopping by! My name is Licia He. I enjoyed painting, coding, painting for coding, and coding for painting. I am a Ph.D. candidate (ABD) at the University of Michigan, School of information. I research in the HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) area, and I am generally interested in projects that support art and creativity.

Besides researching, teaching, and publishing, I have two regular art-related projects. One is the result of my passion for generative art and pen plotter. I am currently very active on instagram, where I post plotter-based artworks (almost) daily. The second project is what I call “color/texture experiment,” which I play with watercolor, acrylic, and other fun art supplies.

You can reach me through these channels:

Artist Statement

Licia He is a generative artist. Through her research and artworks, she explores ways to record and present information around her. After receiving training in both studio art (printmaking focused) and computer science, Licia is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Michigan, School of Information, where she specializes in examining and supporting artistic practices. She was a Thomas J. Watson Fellow and had received various recognitions for her publications. In her recent artistic explorations, Licia focuses on building human-machine co-creating experiences.

Licia He aims to find balances between chaos and harmony. While we often perceive machines as flawless generators, they are also generators for chaos and randomness. Passionate about programming and visual art, Licia reflects and shaping her role as an artist by playing and balancing the chaos and harmony that machines can create.

Licia currently focuses on creating generative art, an art domain where she can emphasize the creation processes over the results. By defining algorithmic procedures that are typically inspired by geometry and natural patterns, Licia translates her abstract ideas into compositions that express a sense of curiosity. She paints these compositions with a pen plotter. Her paintings are composed of mixed watermedia, including watercolor, fountain ink, gouache, and acrylic.


Initially, I purchased this domain to build profiles for not only me but also a group of friend. I have four awesome friends who I grew up with. We called ourselves “Eyes of Panda Pirates.”

Well, we have “pirates” there because we are all big fans of the comic One Piece and couldn’t resist of adding this to our name.

Second, we didn’t just add panda to make any culture connection(we are all Chinese though 🙂 ). In Chinese, it’s just that “eyes of panda/panda’s eyes” could be interpreted as “dark circles under the eye.” When the five of us we get together, we always had too much fun so that we stay up (mostly watch TV/read comics/play games). As a result, we normally have terrible dark circles after our gathering.

So, now you know the origin of the name! In the end, we weren’t able to host everyone’s profile in this one domain, so I took it as my own. Therefore, you can check out Licia’s profile in this cool URL: eyesofpanda.com!

So, you want to have a website?

I created this website during my undergrad years. At that time, I had no idea about the whole web programming package, yet was able to spend tons of hours on customizing WordPress.

I still love WordPress, and always amazed by how easy it is to add/modify pages. In 2015, I started doing more web programming and felt the need of actually programming something for myself. Thurs, the 2nd generation was born. I looked for a fancy HTML template and merged most of my record into the new version.

It has been going great for a couple of years. I liked my website, but it was quite a pain to upload new materials. Also, I developed more and more small tools/interactive systems that I hope to display, formatting them into templates become my procrastination points.

It’s time to change. So this time, I separated the content from the format and wrote my own XML parser to take care of the format issues. I hope with this new change, I would be able to update the content of the web much more frequently.

Although it takes significantly longer to build a website from scratch, it has been a fun learning experience for me! During the process, I got very into D3.js and constructed almost all of my generative art exclusively using d3.

Tools/libs used:

Update in 2020

Yes, I am back to wordpress… After using a plain javascript site for 1+ years, I decided to get a bit more into PHP and database (mainly because my storage is getting full). I don’t want to re-invent the wheels. Therefore I decide to go back to WordPress and start my hacking from there.

Thanks for stopping by! If you found a bug and could kindly take your time to tell me that, please contact me.