Abstract Paintings by Coloring

Coloring? Machine? Me?

Although I like the idea and act of coloring, I rarely spend any time (or money) filling coloring pages available on the market. Some of them do look amazing, but I always feel like the finished pieces are not mine because I would be restricted by the design of the coloring book designer.

So, in the past years, I have tried to make my own coloring pages, to write program to automatically colors images. These projects taught me many lessons on how patterns and color schemes work together, and how random parameters are not always the best friend for generative art.

In 2018, I wrote more generative art programs (e.g. The roman number visualizer, etc.), where I would obtain hundreds of design variations in one click. I was fascinated by them, of course. But at the same time, I feel like I start to spent less time appreciating them.

There might be several reasons:

  • These generated designs look perfect, and a bit too perfect.
  • I did obtain them easily, and I can easily replace them with another variation. So why pour my heart out for a particular version?

And I realize that

Machines are good at making things perfect, and I am good at making art.

And we should collaborate!

So that’s exactly what I did in this project. I wrote a d3 program to generate geometric designs semi-randomly. I laser-engraved them on watercolor paper.

I am pretty happy with the current progress I have, and I am planning to improve the code soon so I could make it public.

Some examples