College Art Collection 2

Studying art is the best thing that I have done so far.

College Art Collection 2

Some art I made in college

Selected works from college years.

Watercolor, oil painting, drawings.

College Art Collection 1


College Art Collection 1

Three of my (sort of) favorite art pieces from undergraduate years

College life for me was a mixture of joy, frustration, excitement, and coffee. I was an art student and had put art as the first priority in many period of time during my college years.
To be honest, I really miss that.

Here are three of my college work that are done with completely differently approaches, yet both make to my top 10 College Art Collection 1 pieces.

The first one is a drawing. I did it during my senior year.

The second image is an oil painting. I was playing with origami architecture back then and had some failed attempts. During the first oil painting class,
I decided to turn these failed attempts into something new: A sculpture for painting! So here comes this sculpture painting.

The painting process:

Last but not least, I have a mixed-media painting that is called Nested. It started as a digital painting, later I added pen drawings and watercolors.