Deer World

Deer World

Sponsored by TJW Foundation, I conducted a one-year independent study on Natural Dye Production around the Globe. During these 12 months of traveling overseas, I visited ten countries, including Japan, South Korea, Italy, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, Nepal, Thailand, and Singapore. In each place I visited, I learned about natural dye from artists who are using these eco-friendly pigments and use my brushes and camera to explore this fantastic art form.

This is a “Deer-world” project is one of the first projects that I did in Kyoto, Japan. Digitally designed, hand-carved paper template and printed with natural dye.


Little Words from 2017:

Even today, I still think applying to Watson is one of the best things that I have ever done for myself. It was a magical trip that took me to places where I have never imaged myself to be. When I think about my Watson trip (two years after), I have these alarming questions that knock my head: “Are you happier now? What have you done in these past two years? And where have you been? Have you became who you swear to be during the trip?”

It’s hard to answer. And I am still bothered by these questions.