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Translates words into graphs

Take me to the art!

I have been working on several pattern generators so far. Many of these past experiments inspired the creation of a generative art system that utilizes words as data. I obtained a quote dataset from kaggle . After some initial cleaning, I started to design a translation algorithm that would visualize words into graphs.

The algorithm design process is even more exciting than I imagined. I end up implementing three algorithms instead of one. I hope that my viewers will not only enjoy these poster-like graphs but also intrigued to find out the algorithm behind these graphs. How exactly did these words get translated into graphs?

There are three variations with different levels of difficulties. The one with large half-circle shapes are particularly hard, and I almost think it’s impossible to solve by just looking at the graph. For future algorithms, I will try to ensure that I leave enough hint. However, the other two algorithms are pretty doable. Several of my friends were able to guess the algorithm with some hints.

Here are some examples to look through. You can click here to view the live system. Refreshing the page will give you a new design. It is possible to see a blank page because of the random color and stroke setting. Just refresh the page!