Monster Generator 2017

An algorithm to produce unique monsters

This is an ongoing project about monsters. I have been doodling monsters for a long time. I am a big fan of pokemon and always fascinated by beasts in various forms. Imagining growing a monster in my machine! I guess it’s time to write a program that can generate monsters!


There are plenty of monster generators out there, but I couldn’t find one that can generate graphics of the monster. So I played with javascript and SVG for several days/nights and comes up with an SVG implementation using Snap.js.Later, I discover that paper.js offers a lot of features that are suitable for this project, so I reimplemented the project and added the variation and template feature.

There are many features that I want to add to this generator. It’s still in its early stage with simple shapes and structures. I will keep updating the code, but at the meantime, have fun with these monsters!

How to use?

How to use the Monster Generator:

  • You will see a monster(1) when you load this page
  • Enter a valid number in the variant section(3), and click on “Generate Variant” button, you will get a bunch of monsters that are similar to the existing one (they are families!). The number indicates the number of monster you are going to have in a row. The default is 4
  • Clicking on download (2), you will download whatever that your monsters in svg format.
  • Clicking on “generate template”, you will get a laser-cutter-friendly template of individual components of these monsters. (I want to laser cut components of these monsters) Of course, you can download(4) the template as well.
  • Have fun with the monsters, and check back for more updates!